A Walk In The Park

Morning, a sun that seems to have forgotten that it shouldn't be shining, a winter that remembers to be cold all too well, a steaming cup of filtered peaberry and a walk in the park.

A mother fawning over her sleeping newborn child. A little angel, sleeping ... sunbathing in the bitter cold. Not a care in the world. She covers him with a bright blue baby blanket. Ah, it's a boy.
I smile and sip my coffee. The dry, yellow leaves crunch underfoot. The fresh morning air sullied by the pollution covering the city.

A doting grandfather marvels at how his granddaughter's hand fits in his. All of her concentration on a little ladybird crawling its way up a shrub. He tries to get her to wear her coat. Smiling and shaking his head as she sticks her arms out for him to put the coat on but not looking away from shrub.
I smile and sip my coffee. Another yellow leaf glides to the ground.

A toddler runs past following a huge yellow ball, almost as tall as he is. A triumphant shriek as he catches up to it. He picks it up in his arms, unable to get them all the way around, it doesn't matter. The smile on his face says it all.
I smile and sip my coffee. I stick my hand in my jacket pocket to keep it warm.

A young boy in a school uniform frowns up at his unheeding father as they walk to the exit of the park.
I smile and sip my coffee. I hated going to school too.

A pair of adolescents coughing up smoke as they try a cigarette for the first time. One of them shakes his head frantically.
I smile and sip my coffee. One less person who'll die of cancer.

A teenager sitting on a bench plucking the petals out from a rose. A dejected look on his face.
I smile and sip my coffee. In each life a little rain must fall.

A young couple occupy a bench, their attention reserved for each other, murmuring softly into each other's ears.
I smile and sip my coffee. The silver lining.

A proud father watches as his young son walks on unsteady legs towards his open arms.
I smile and sip my coffee. What will he turn his son into?

A middle aged, over weight man jogs past me. His earphones set deeply in his ears, talking into a mouthpiece, glancing at his watch.
I smile and sip my coffee. The perils of success.

An old couple out for a stroll. He grabs her hand ... she looks at him with a smile on her face.
I smile and sip my coffee. 'Till death do us part.'

A group of old gentlemen sitting around the small fountain, reminiscing about times gone past.
I smile at the few men I've seen before. I walk out the exit.
The aspects of life .... a walk in the park.
Ok, I know this post is out of character, but I just needed a break.
Regular transmission will resume from the next post.


apurv said...

you still haven't seen anybody yet, have you?

Sketcher said...

how much coffee did you have? :)
form now on i will not say good post! coz they are generally so.

El Furibundo said...

this post is so 'human'. Quite different from the others...

'Smee! said...

Yeah. and 'normal' too.

Stargazer said...

@Apurv - Nope, am reveling in my insanity

@Sketcher - Quite a bit. All of this was over time. I grew as I saw all of these.

@Furibundo - They're all human. This is just a little less like me.

@'Smee - Normal is a relative term. I'm sure you'll find the next one more 'Normal' if you are using me as a yardstick.