Who am I?

I speak. I listen. I imagine. I dream.
These define who I am ... define all the irregularities and the imperfections that are me.
I am the sum of my experiences and opinions, of my victories and mistakes.
I am the realisation of my wants and losses,
of my hopes and prejudices.
I am the whole of my affections and affectations, of my perceptions and inabilities.
I just am.


Anonymous said...

As i said...only u can write such stuff...;-)Keep it up!

'Smee! said...

ummhmmm. You're also what you eat!
Of course the retail industry today would have us believe we're what we wear, what we drink, what we drive.

Mis.Demeanor said...

You're also what your friends are!

sonam said...

YOU just are the best! :-)