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I've been tagged by ~R~. This actually took me down memory lane. The idea is pretty simple, pick the sixth photograph from the sixth photograph folder that you have.
Honestly, I cheated a little bit, the sixth photograph in my sixth folder is censored [:-D] for reasons that I'd rather not say, so I picked the seventh photograph.
This is a photograph from my trip to Moscow last year.
The rather intimidating building is the historical museum at the Red Square. The tree lined wall on the left is the wall of the Kremlin.
The tower with the green spire on the right of the museum is the Resurrection Tower.
The location that I was standing was bang in the middle of the square. Lenin's tomb to my left with all the graves of past president's behind that, the provincial board to my right and St. Basil's cathedral (the building with the multi-coloured onion domes) and the Moscow clock tower behind me.
It was drizzling that day, hence all the people with the umbrellas (I just can't resist stating the obvious). What the photograph can't tell you though is that the entire place smelt fresh, like when rain falls on mud. The surface of the cobbles had been smoothed over the centuries, I suppose, the rain had made the surface we were walking on slick. I slipped at least twice while walking around over there. Of course, it didn't help that I was more interested in looking up at the buildings rather than where I was going.
There was a sense of respect, I suppose is the best word for it, among the people there. The Russians know where they come from and they're proud of it. They may not know who they are now, but they know who they were and who they want to be and they're getting there, they know that too.
This entire place was honestly a little intimidating, just in terms of the history of the place. Executions and coronations, revolutions and parades, blood and flowers, this place had been silent witness to all of it.
Moscow was an awe inspiring experience. The Kremlin, the Church of Christ our Saviour, the chocolate factory, even the Metro stations had a sense of history to them. A wonderful place that's definitely worth a visit.
I'm passing the tag to 'Smee, Sketcher, Rize, Furi and Pixie.


'Smee! said...

Finally a post! Even if it's a not-so-stupid tag. That's a lovely picture and I'm jealous, you lucky bitch!

El Furibundo said...

Loafer! Used up all the friends I could think of!

Anonymous said...

hey..stumbled upon your blog from wordpress.

You have a dark, interesting blog ...and with a weird name : )

hmm...good posts.

Sketcher said...

You haven't posted in a long long time. What's up!