Days of Gold

Ever have one of those days on which you have Midas' Touch, one of those days where you can do no wrong. Of course, its another matter that generally the very next day is probably the worst day you've had in your life up until that point. All the things that were supposed to wrong on the perfect day decide to pay you a visit on the next day.
There was a time in which the Days of Gold were continuous and plentiful and the fruit they provided sweet and satisfying. I think that if you've had a long stretch of the good days you are bound to have a long stretch of the bad ones as well. Think of it as the universe balancing itself out like a math equation (read as Murphy's laws).
Now, onto what I really think. Fate and destiny are of your choosing, they aren't determined by the circumstances around you. Sure the circumstances cause you to make certain decisions in a predefined manner, but they are still your decisions, meaning that you have to take responsibility for them.
The "Days of Gold" are just those days on which you make the right decisions all the time. I had a lot of them and a lot of "Days of Fool's Gold" as well, the days on which I thought I was making the right decision and it turned out that I wasn't. These are the days which are followed by a lot more bad ones than good because some of the decision we make have repercussions that we can't predict and those decisions can't be taken back or erased.
I've been out of college for a little over a year now which has had a considerable number of both of these days (the last one of the latter kind, I'm still reeling from, and I think I will for a long time to come).
The problem with people is that they don't learn until they fall down or get a kick in the pants. :-)
If only we could turn back time to prevent either of those from happening in the first place.............


'Smee! said...

Nice background :)
And i dont seem to have had Days of Gold since i was ten or something :|

Angel said...

Days of Gold...sometimes it's more about how one perceives it, dont you think? :)

And thanks for putting up my link!

Stargazer said...

@ -
Thank you. Like I said, it wil balance itself out. You;ll have those days for the next few yeard :-D

@- angel
All of our knowledge isbased upon our perceptions. I suppose my pereptions areoptimistic or pessimistic, depending on my mood that day. :-)
You are welcome.