A thought unspoken, a word unsaid.
A promise unbroken and yet never kept.

Gazing at the rain through an amber glass,
The desert I see, bereft and sparse.

A mind that's broken, a soul unprepared.
A conscience unscarred, delusions of a spirit repaired.

A smoky haze so thick, the wind can't push it away
Voices, once crisp and clear, now raspy whispers and rustling of leaves.

A throaty laugh, a childish giggle,
A siren's voice, a decision oh so fickle.

White powder falls on glass, obscuring what lies beyond
Prophecies of events to come, Memories of fantasies unbound.

A nightmare come alive, reality it claims to be
In the dead of night, in the light of day, an apparition haunting me

A face in the vapours and flames, as I chase the dragon deeper into darkness,
The chimaera takes control, the shining knight I couldn't be.

The sounds of a beating drum, the feel of the strings I thrum,
The stench of sweat, the taste of metal, a sight I cannot trust.

The green fairy comes when I call, despite the bitter price she brings along
Lauding her with sugary praise and louche promises, yet her wings I fail to clip.

I realise that there are a lot of things in this that are more than a little obscure. I will publish an explanantion for this soon. In the meanwhile, use Wikipedia. :-)
I'm sure Wren and Furibundo have already figured most of it out.

Explanation posted.