Gathering Storm

The cold winter wind through the trees
Closing windows and slamming doors
Try to shut out the voices in my head
I just wish they weren't all yours

Flickering street lamps fight flashes of lighting
Though, on this they seem to agree
Raindrops roll like the pearls of my wits
That you'd strung up and now set free

Ripples spread like your smile used to be
Like the dark lanes holding onto their mystery
Staring at the opposing poles of time
Standing at the corner of Memory and Misery

Rocks glisten in the pale moonlight
Shards of broken dreams we once shared
Flowers and leaves float on the water
A story of forbidden love that endured

To the pulse of lightning, the beat of thunder
In the rain the trees dance and sway
My eyes were filled with water
How did your picture burn away?

Furbundo, Sketcher, as you can see, it's done. So, whenever you boys are ready.


The rattle of chains, the shuffling of pages
Freedom struggles in silent mutiny
The surety of change, the twisting of fate as it ages
I see in the garden of Destiny

The sob of an old mother, the scream of a new
In her womb I hold my breath
The waning of a candle, the birth of a flame
I see in the arms of Death

What will never be, what could have been
A sleeper mutely mouths a scream
The spark of what will be, have I seen
Floating in the realm of Dream

The face of a hammer, the point of a chisel
An artist taking pride in his creation
The edge of a sword, the nib of a pen
I see in the wake of Destruction

The beat of a glass heart, the rush of blood
Hate and revulsion forged in a slow fire
Quenched in fickle consequence
At the Threshold of Desire

A hook carving flesh, a noose of silken rope
Through the looking glasses I see them prepare,
A promise of torture, A glimmer of hope
Swirling in the fog of Despair

Colours sing, planets dance, time breaks
Insane minds fancy and take flight
Seeking refuge from their pains and aches
In Delirium's eyes they seek Delight

Thank you, Mr Gaiman, for paving the yellow brick road leading me home.
Thank you, Wren, for showing me that I can still click my heels together.