The End Of Innocence

Running through the ruins of my town ... my beautiful little town where everyone knows ... knew everyone else. All gone ... everyone's gone ... everyone's run away ...
Where the fruit vendor on the side of the street nods to me every morning as I follow the meandering streets to school. Nice old man, even let me take an apple from his limited stock every now and then ...
I wonder if he's alright.
Where the trees shower me with yellowing leaves.
Where the red sun setting on the horizon turns the sky a beautiful violet.
Where the days roll by under a deep blue sky ...
Where I laid my head in tall brown grass swaying in the wind ...
Where ....
They shouldn't have come. They shouldn't have done this ... anything but this. My town ... my home.
They've poisoned my fairy tale...
So much dust, making things hazy. If only there was more light. Never realise how much of a difference a candle makes until you try running around in the dark.
Footsteps, each one like a nail being hammered into a coffin. Loud and sure. Behind me, ahead of me ... surrounding me.
Echoes ... whispers in the dark. Distinct. Calling me to him ... slow, drawling accent ... he's had too much to drink... Please, please, please, let him have had too much to drink.
Maybe he won't catch me then.
I won't let him catch me. I won't ... I won't let him hurt me. I won't be like the other boys ... I won't!
My slippers are useless ... the soles making too much noise. Am sure he can hear me. Sure ... sure. I'm better off without them. I'll come back for them later.
Yes, yes ... later! I'll come back for them later...
I hope I can come back for them later.
Dropping the slippers was a good idea. Moving faster. Moving quietly. I hope he doesn't find them...
Oh no, rain. Not now. Not now. Have to keep moving. Have to get away.
I hope he didn't hear that ... the creak of that door sounded too loud ... I hope he didn't hear that.
Ouch! What did I step on? Too dark.
Glass? Thick ... spectacles. They left the spectacles behind. How will he see?
It's bleeding .. I should've looked where I was walking ...
They left in a hurry ... left a lot of things behind ...
Tea cups with the handle broken off, shattered saucers ...
They even left the boots behind ... walking sticks & umbrellas ...
I wish I had that car ... with the remote control ...
I wonder if they'll mind if I take it ... I don't think they are coming back ...
I'll come back for it later. Need to hide right now ... I hope he didn't hear the door.
Why would they tear open the mattresses? Why are parts of it darker than the rest?
The door! He's found me!
Under the bed ... he won't find me there ...
He's coming up the stairs. The other side of the bed ... maybe he won't see me.
Uh! They left something on the floor ... no, they left someone on the floor!
"Miss? Miss!"
She's ... she's dead!
What's that in her hand? Black ... too dark ... Oh!
"Let go, Miss! I need this! He'll leave me alone if I have this! Let go!"
Why is she holding on so tight?! Let go, damn it!
"Come here, kid. What you shaking your head for? Come here now or I'm coming there to get you!"
No ... no.
"Don't come any closer ... don't ... (sniff) ... please."
The recoil should have broken an arm, instead, it broke a spirit ... it broke a heart ...


El Furibundo said...

The demons of the past.. You can never banish them. Most you can do is lock them up, only they're sure to spring right out in moments of weakness.

Weakness kills us. We don't have the luxury of a moment of weakness. It's all about control.

'Smee! said...

Helplessness is such a cruel thing, though research says that young ones of all creatures usually look cute and helpless to aid survival of the species, in an evolutionary sense. But sometimes that's their bane.

What an irony.

Stargazer said...

@Furibundo - :-)) Point taken.

@'Smee! - Process of naturaql selection sucks! :-)