He Spoke ....

He spoke of hopes unfettered
He spoke of dreams being shattered

He spoke of perceived perfections
He spoke of pale reflections

He spoke of you
He spoke of me

He spoke of saints and mothers
He spoke of monsters and murderers

He spoke of autumns in the park
He spoke of whispers in the dark

He spoke of you
He spoke of me

He spoke of the stars we would reach
He spoke of the lies people preach

He spoke of conclusions we derive
He spoke of the helpless we deride

He spoke of you
He spoke of me

He spoke of a soul set free
He spoke of a goal unreached

He spoke of the bridges we burn
He spoke of the corners we turn

He spoke of you
He spoke of me

He spoke of heaven on earth
He spoke of the funeral dirge

He spoke of the fears we conquer
He spoke of the tears we dry

He spoke of you
He spoke of me

He spoke of walls to break
He spoke of steps to take

He spoke of the living retreating to their caves
He spoke of the dead turning over in their graves

He spoke for you
He spoke for me

He spoke to you
He spoke to me

The explanation of the poem, as requested, is posted in the comments.


John said...

But who is HE??? :)
You surprise me with every post!
keep up the good work!! :)

'Smee! said...


El Furibundo said...

I keep returning to read this... Sublime, man. Waiting for more from you!

Stargazer said...

@John - HE is someone I once knew. Haven;t seen him in some time. Grew up to be a very different man than I thought he would be. :-)

@'Smee - Thank you.

@Furibundo - Thank you. You might have to wait for a while. The Muse, she be fleeting. :-)

Stargazer said...

A couple of people asked me what I had written meant. On popular demand, the key to the poem is below

hopes unfettered/dreams being shattered - Martin Luther King's speech and the fact that racial discrimination is still rampant

saints and mothers - Mother Teresa
monsters and murderers - Hitler

stars we would reach - The international Space station

soul set free/goal unreached - Mahatma Gandhi, a play on his name and the fact that his goal was an independant, undivided India

heaven on earth/funeral dirge - Kashmir

fears we conquer/tears we dry - Mumbai Train Blasts

walls to break - Berlin Wall

Hope this helps

Rize said...

ah!..the explanation did Help....:)...awesome man!

Thejasvi said...

ahem...am impressed :) dint knw ther ws a poet in a sworn workaholic like u :P

Suman W M Sivachar said...