Another 55

..... And we're back!!!
I spent half an hour reading what had been written earlier (sequence provided below) and the next half quite literally seeing stars.
It started with me and finally got to Sketcher as follows:-
Stargazer > 'Smee! > Rize > El Furibundo > Sketcher
Now that its come full circle, I'm at a loss...
Given the stars these guys have made me see ... I decided to introduce a few of my own.
Here goes.....

He craved the comfort the green leaves provided.
With trembling hands he rolled up another cigarette.
Long drag ... visions - clearer ... confusion - lost in smoke.
Noon to battle the witching hour ....
"The Bard shall guide me! A rose by ...."
The left eye smaller than the right ... who is she?

Right then. Sketcher, hope I've reached a new level with this. ;-)
Adding a new blogger to the fold.
Leena, will thou meet the challenge set forth?

Edit: Leena responds here


Rize said...

I am glad i dont have to continue next!!! :D
and Du, u have reached a new level!!!

'Smee! said...

What the...! where is this headed?!
And i like your old pic better. :|

Leena said...

Aaarrrghhh!! another character!!